Advancing Māori health and well-being through the development of culturally informed and relevant research.

Our mission is to ensure that researchers are equipped with the tools needed to ensure that Māori are engaged in and able to access the benefits of research in Aotearoa. We do this by providing kaupapa Māori informed project execution services, research ideation through consultancy and documentation preparation, and cultural competency.


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Iwi United Engaged has arisen from a demand for my particular insights and skills from clinicians, health researchers and engineers.

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Our Team

Our team brings expertise in the application of Te Titiri (the Treaty of Waitangi) gained from working with Māori communities over a period of 26 years.

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Our Services

• Project execution services
• Research ideation
• Competency workshops




Our advice and work typically falls under

• Project execution services
• Research ideation
• Competency workshops

Our Story

Our Team



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Thanks to you all.

I am super grateful for the workshop. It was very well thought out and informative. The way you presented the material was inspirational and really made me want to do a better job as a researcher.

Keep up the great work.

The meaning of generating partnerships and the importance of generating/sustaining relationships, to me that is the most important thing. I’ve always been afraid of tokenism, and have a genuine desire for partnership, I think Misty and Kev were great at helping to facilitate this in a genuine manner. I personally found the Manaaki session really interesting and I would love to attend more of these when I’m able.

Actively engaging conversations to address issues pertaining ethnic inequality and inequity, specifically pertaining to Māori. Taking active steps to better understand the Māori worldview and especially view of health and implementing this education in clinical practice. In addition to above, actively sharing information learned from this workshop to colleagues and recommending this course to colleagues in the research and clinical space.

I have gained understanding about my role as a treaty partner and how to describe my positionality in my research. I have begun to understand the best framework to use to ensure my research is following Kaupapa Māori approaches.

An important thing for me was feeling ok that I don’t know enough still (even though the course was great - it's just a big topic and it takes time and work); but that it is a partnership and there is support when you don’t know everything. By engaging with others (like the team at IUE), the best outcomes in clinical practice and research can be achieved. Thank you very much Misty, Kev and team.

I have learned that I have a lot to learn! I attended this course because I want to develop the way I approach my research to be more impactful and equity-focused. I feel like Ive evolved a lot over this course, and have started to recognise biases and gaps in knowledge in my own work because of my non-Māori worldview. I feel empowered to view my research through a more critical lens, and I now know where to start when I need input from more experienced researchers who are Māori and/or use Kaupapa Māori methodologies

Difficult conversations are ok to sometimes have to address unconscious bias. There is a need for ongoing effort to engage with Māori both as a clinician and in research to actually enable equity.

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All it takes for prejudice and disparities to continue is that good men and women do nothing:
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