Whaia Te Tika Workshop 1

Promises Broken and Where To From Here?
Unpacking Equality and Equity.

Workshop documents activities

Workshop activity information and instructions covering both

Session 1: Broken promises and where to from here and
Session 2: Unpacking equality and equity.

Workshop activities Personal identity wheel template

Please access the Personal identity wheel template.pdf

Workshop activities Achieving Equity template

Please access the Achieving Equity template.pdf

IUE Our commitment to Te Tiriti

Please access IUE Our commitment to Te Tiriti.

Workshop related resource- A fair go for all? Addressing Structural Discrimination in Public Services

Please click on the following link to access HRC-Structural Report_final_webV1.pdf

Workshop related resource- Whakamaua: Māori Health Action Plan 2020–2025

Please click on the following link to access Whakamaua-maorihealth-action-plan-2020-2025-2pdf

Post workshop quiz

Please click on the following link to access the post-workshop information and quiz.

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